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Web Hosting Video Support

Please read before utilizing tutorials

The videos in the Web Hosting Video Tutorial Center are there for Castles hosting customers. Videos are typically specific to cPanel and purchased for the benefit of our customers. Castles DOES NOT utilize all cPanel functions for hosting customers.  Customers choosing to use the various functions of cPanel do so at their own risk. Be sure you are aware of what you are doing before using cPanel functions.

Castles separates access, Domain Registration, DNS, Web Hosting, Web Design, and Email Services to maintain the integrity of each service independently of each other. Should there be a performance issue with one system it typically does not affect the function or availability of other services. Over the years we have found that this service method costs more overall, but provides consistently available and high quality services.

TEMPLATES (Site Builder) -

cPanel Site Builder -Castles DOES NOT utilize the web server email or Site Builder functions. cPanel templates may be available to Castles hosting only customers. Support is not provided from cPanel templates. Hosting customers choosing to utilize cPanel template do so with the understanding that no support is provided for those templates and any design created with those templates are the property of Castles Information Network, Inc. and are not transferable to other web hosting services.

Web sites designed by Castles are constructed using an award-winning template driven design system hosted on a dedicated design server. Customers with Castles designed sites should make use of the user manual provided on the design server.  Castles hosting only customers may utilize the templates found on the design server. Castles Design Server Login


Castles DOES NOT use cPanel or the web hosting server for email. If you are a web hosting customer and wish to have access and manage your own email Control Center. Contact Castles at 707-455-3401 to request access.   Email Control Center


To use WordPress in the Castles web hosting server, WordPress must first be installed. You can install WordPress via cPanel. Please be aware that WordPress requires at least 50Mb of web space. This in in addition to what web space the actual site will require. Using WordPress may require you to upgrade your account.  Web Host Account Packages