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Blocked Email

Blocked Outbound Email

If you find that you cannot send email because your service has been blocked, it is typically because you have violated the user agreement, numerous Internet users have reported your email address as generating spam, or your email address has been compromised.

The list below applies only if your email address has been compromised.

If this is the case, you will need to do several things before we can unblock.
1) Install or update a virus protection program.
2) Install of update a malware protection program.
3) Run multiple scans of your PC or Mac with these programs.
4) Log into your web mail account and change your password.
5) Contact Castles Support to have the block removed.

If you did send spam emails then you must talk with the office before your outbound service can be unblocked. Please red and understand our user agreement relative to the number of messages you can send in an given period of time. Often the content of your messages may be tagged as spam by our system. See the Important Notice on our Email Page.

Subject False Positive Reporting and Blocked Outbound Email   

False Positive (FP) – message that is not spam, but incorrectly being blocked as spam.

False positive sending of messages will receive the error: 550 Permanent Failure: Message delivery failed. If you believe this message is an error, please review the User Service Agreement and contact Support. This error is both visible by an email program and by web mail.

When users see this error, please denote to them that we need a copy of this message. Without this message, we cannot assist you in sending or receiving this message. If these instructions are not followed, we will be unable to adjust our anti-spam service for this message issue.

• If using web mail, simply save a copy as a draft in web mail.

Email Client:
• If you are using IMAP this is relatively simple.
• Save a copy as a draft in your email client, then copy the message to the DRAFT folder on the IMAP.
• If using POP, copy the entire content of the message and paste it in a compose message in web mail, then save it as a draft.

For either of these formats, please denote this:
• Email account having problem
• Subject of message
• Date composed/saved

As long as we can get all of the above, we can try to fix the problem.

Any individual message must be in one of these formats: .msg, .txt, .eml, .822
All messages must be in a ZIP file and password protected, (please see instructions below).

1. Save all spam messages that you are seeing locally to your computer.
    a. Please double check the message to ensure that the message headers are there.
2. Create a ZIP folder, and password protect it.
3. Copy all the messages to the ZIP folder.
4. Email the zip file to along with the password to have the messages reviewed.

In Windows once the file is zipped.
- Right click on the compressed folder and select “Explore.”
- In “File,” select “Add a Password.” Enter the password and confirm the password.

To create password protected zip file in Mac, follow the steps below:
- Go to Finder -> Application -> Terminal
- now change directory to the plance you wan to zip and enter the command below:
- $ zip -e file1.txt file2.txt
- Once you enter the command, system will prompt you for password twice.
   Just enter the password you wish to set, and it’s done!
- You should see appear in the directory.