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Email Castles

High Speed Wireless
Broadband Service

Now Even Faster
$69 per month
Unlimited Use
24x7 Live Support
Static IP Included
Web Mail Included
Up to 12+ Mbs Download
Up to 6+ Mbs Upload
Up to 2Mbs Sustained Down

No Contracts
Monthly Billing

Up To 12 Mbs
4 Mbs Sustained Download

Only $79 per month

Legacy Customers
Can Upgrade for $160*
*Price may vary dues to distance
from dispatch center

Learn More - Click Here
No Phone Line Needed

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From DriveSavers
Data Recovery



Firefox 41 Issues & Web Mail
We have seen incompatibilities with Firefox v41 with our web mail service.
We recommend to not install, or downgrade to the previous version of Firefox.
The recent version breaks the rich web mail service on all OS systems that we have seen.

Web Design Services
Specializing in Small Business - Personalized and Affordable
Web Design Packages Starting at $499
  • Affordable Small Business Web Sites
  • Manage the site on your own or have Castles make changes
  • Web hosting includes cPanel
  • Search Engine Registration Included
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Included
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Included
  • Links to Square Market & Setup Assistance
  • Domain email included
  • Parked Domains
  • Online Design Center
  • Feedback Form or Custom Form Included
  • No long-term contracts
  • Ten (10) on-site photographs included*
Don't have a domain name yet?
Have Castles design your web site and we'll pay the initial domain registration fee.

* Photography services available to clients within 100 miles of Vacaville, CA
or by special arrangement
**Domain registration covered when domain is registered through Castles using Castles at the registrar.

Castles Supports the Air Force Security Forces Association

  -AFSFA members receive a $50 discount on Web Design services.
  -Castles will donate an additional $50 to AFSFA for every new
   web site project completed for an AFSFA Member.       

Castles Customer Service Messages

Blocked Outbound Email
Many customers feel the need to share (forward) emails quite often with friends. Each time you reply or forward long chains of messages the spam score goes up until finally the score is high enough to trigger our spam filters.  The filters assign a numerical value to everything in an email and when the total reaches a certain point, a message is flagged as spam and blocked. This often causes the account to be blocked from sending. 

If you really want, or need to resend the stuff you get, you should copy and paste only the actual message content that needs to be sent and send that as a new message.  This cuts out all the unneeded miscellaneous content that just adds to the spam score.

Web Mail "Remember Me" Change - Effective 12/12/13

Web Mail security update. We have identified a security issue with our web mail service regarding the "Remember Me" password saving function. We are removing the password save function based upon this feature. Only the username will be saved going forward. Since browsers and add-ons that save passwords are widely available, passwords can be saved locally via your browser or add-on, providing an acceptable level of security and replacing the previous password saving feature. Customers are advised to be cautious when using either a public or other persons computer.  Different browsers can be set up to save user name and passwords. Click here for instructions on various versions of Internet Explorer.

Outgoing Email Notice - Effective 11/14/13
Castles outbound email servers now require positive identification of all users relaying outbound email using our servers. Due to a high incidence of unauthorized activity we now require your email program to authenticate that you are an authorized user of our system. This does not affect web mail users or most customers. If you get an SMTP Failure to Relay error message, you will need to change your email settings. Log into your email program and check the box that says "SMTP Requires Authentication". Your authentication is your full email address and password. In some instances like Apple Mail it will just have authentication type and you will type in your full email address and password.

Technical Support Request Form
24 Hour Toll-Free Technical Support (877) 205-5246

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