This page is for Castles customers with Point-to-Point wireless services.

Castles uses Ubiquiti equipment.

The system usees what we call a radio at the customer location. That radio connects via point-to-point via wireless to an Access Point on one of our towers. An indoor/outdoor Cat5 Ethernet cable runs from the radio into your home or office and connects to a power supply. That power supply is what powers the radio. Should the power supply not be connected to the radio, you will loose the Internet connection.

If your router is programmed with the Static IP, disconnecting the router or resetting it to factory defaults will also terminate the Internet connection. Resetting the router will require reprogramming.

Below is a photo showing the connections from the radio to the power supply and then to the router. All cables should be connected and snug.

Ubiquiti Wireless Setup











The Power Injector is the key to your Internet Service. It typically has a small power light on the face. The POE port is for a Cat5 exterior grade Ethernet cable that goes to and powers the elevated antenna typically mounted on or near the roof.  Never cross the POE and LAN cables. When the power injector us unplugged, there is no power to the antenna and in turn, no Internet service.

The LAN port is normally connected to the Internet port of the customer supplied router. If no router is used and the customer is configured for NAT (the static IP is in the radio) then a computer or device with an Ethernet port can be connected directly to the LAN port.



Ubiquiti Power Injector

POE = Power over Ethernet

LAN = Local Area Network

The cable from the exterior radio connects to the POE port and the LAN port is the Internet port. You may connect directly to the LAN port for Internet access or you may connect a WiFi router to the port for multiple devices or WiFi.






  1. If you find yourself with no Internet or very slow Internet, the first thing to do is to disconnect from you local network and restart your device. Then reconnect to your network. If it’s a speed issue, do a speed test at It may be that the site(s) you’re connecting to are slow.
  2. If that isn’t the issue, unplug the power injector from the power source (wall socket, surge protector, etc.). Wait a minute or two and then plug the power injector back in. For those units equipped, check the small power light to make sure it’s illuminated. If you have the power injector plugged into a surge protector or power strip, check to make sure it’s in good working order.
  3. If you still have no Internet after rebooting the power injector, double check the cables again.
  4. Still no Internet? Turn off the router and turn off WiFi on your device. Move the Ethernet LAN cable from the back of the router to the Ethernet port on your device. Connect to the Internet as usual. If you have Internet, then it’s likely the router is bad.
  5. If after trying these steps, contact Castles technical support.