I just wanted to drop a line to thank you and Castles for your great service.

I’ve been with you for, oh, more than 15 years now.  You, personally, have always been helpful and generous with advice.  Your tech support team is top notch whenever I need them, which (thankfully) is quite rare. In fact, most of the few times I have called them with a problem, it ends up having been a hiccup on Castles’ end and then I get a follow-up directly from you!

2020 has, of course, been weird and unusual for us all.  I broke my foot in January, necessitating 6 solid weeks of working from home. I knew I could count on my internet connection being always available, because Castles so rarely has faults.  And then, with Covid-19, your network must be straining with so many more people working from home.  And yet, no faults, no issues, no problems.

I congratulate you on an amazing company with incomparable prices, wonderful service, and a frankly astounding product.  I am proud to be a Castles customer, and I never hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a new provider.

I hope you and your staff and family are all staying safe and well and that you have a relaxing weekend.



You are the best. Thanks Jim for getting back to me and updating with what is going on with the internet. At least I won’t take it personally knowing it’s been affecting everyone. Damn technology I swear it drives me crazy. Thanks for your honesty on the routers as well I’m just trying to figure out what the heck is going on most of the time. You’re a blessing. Best



Just realized I never got back to you. Domain transfer went through great and I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all of your help. It’s so easy to get used to sh—- customer service, but what a breath of fresh air when it’s the opposite.



Spoke with Jake this morning – very great and patient guy!
I’ve got my new router and I’m good to go.
Thanks for all your help. . . as always.



I just wanted to say “Happy Holidays” to you and the rest of the Castles.com staff.

I’ve been with Castles for many years now (7? 8? 11?), from dial-up to DSL and through two houses, and the staff there has always beenamazingly helpful with my problems. Whenever I need someone for tech support, I get an answer right away and the analyst is nothing less than professional. When I had to change my credit card for the monthly charge, that was taken care of without a hitch (unlike a few other sites). Castles is up and running 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. I can only think of one or two outages in the last five years, and those were announced well in advance.

Really, you guys are awesome. Whenever anyone I know in Northern California complains about their service provider, I always recommend Castles. I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday season.



You should see the correspondence I have from you guys trying to help me with my problems – email to DSL. Funny, you guys came through when I needed help. Melanie, Brian and you too. You guys should write a book on “stupid” customers and how we make them feel “smart”… ha ha ha

Lynn (Hearing Impaired)


Note to technical support:  Thank you very much for your help, you were very kind and showed no attitude of impatience, as many do (not at Castles).



Although there is much that is wrong in our high tech, over-informational, fast-paced world, every now and then I find a nugget that makes me smile and appreciate the lost art of human interaction.  Such is the case this past week when I finally decided to enter the esoteric world of wireless DSL technology.  Fearful of the daunting task of hooking up, uploading, downloading, and all the other gee whiz things that one must do to enter this mysterious electronic world I took the plunge.  I contacted my good friends at Castles Information Network and said lets do it!  Despite some self-induced early glitches I was finally able to join the high tech world of wireless DSL.  Wow, I am impressed and now do not have to play FreeCell while waiting interminably for the internet to load via dialup.  I won’t say the process was as easy as those commercials on TV imply, but I will say that through the kind human interactions at Castles and the PC Doctor I was able to make it happen.

A big thank you to Jim Downey and Melanie Norris of Castles, and Robert Dodge of The PC Doctor.  They helped make this frightening task both rather enjoyable and a unique learning experience.  Now I can throw around cool computer terms like subnet mask, DNS, and DHCP Client like I know what I’m talking about (I don’t).  So there are Good Things and People here in Vacaville who make this a special place to live. 

Thanks again for making my day.


Looking for a better way to market the sports action photos that I take, I contacted Castles.  I explained that I had been taking action photos at local youth sporting events for years, but was looking for a more efficient way to market the pictures taken from the events.  In years past I had to create albums with proofs of the shots taken at prior games.  This proved to be a headache trying to keep track of the album at a game as well as pay attention to the action on the field. 

It soon became so frustrating that I was considering hanging up the hobby that I truly loved.  Castles showed me how to set up a website that would allow me to market my photos much more efficiently.  I can now focus all of my attention to the action of the game.  I no longer have the frustrations that I once had to deal with. 

I am so excited about my website and have sent my friends to Castles so they too could find online solutions for their business headaches.  All have returned more than satisfied with the solutions that Castles has made for them.

Business is booming, and I am having a blast on the field once again!  Thanks Castles


So often these days, “service” companies seem to provide anything but service.  We customers, confined to voice jail, are accustomed to being treated as inconvenient nuisances and interruptions to the routine of the day.

It is with great pleasure, then, that I compliment you on Greg the “tech guy.”  In what has been a somewhat painful evolution, switching web host companies, Greg has been patient, competent, encouraging, and amazingly helpful in every way.  He has been available both during and outside of normal working hours, even sending me e-mail from home to keep my spirits up as we did battle with InterNIC.  And better, we won!

Such service (IMHO) merits as least a pay raise and a cubicle with a window.  You are truly blessed to have such an employee.  Not to mention that all this effort was to benefit our non-profit ministry.  Please rest assured, however, that our organization has extensive business, professional, and clerical contacts throughout Solano County, and it will be our pleasure to emphasize to one and all that Castles is the local ISP of choice. 

Thanks again for your wonderful service and for Greg the SuperTech!



This note is to thank you for your help yesterday during some tense moments in Los Angeles.

I was making a presentation to a statewide group of business consultants.   I was able to “save the show” by using my account and a Castles phone number in Los Angeles to get another presenter Internet access.

His national network had failed.  Using the local number you provided to me on that cellular phone call, I was on the web in less than 10 minutes.

His presentation went off without a hitch. Castles and I were the heros of the moment.



On behalf of the Golden Hills Mustang Club, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for hosting our website.  The efforts put forth by Sherbert and others helped me to get our website up and running. 

Although our website caters to a niche group – those interested in the Mustang automobile – it has brought us many new members, and has allowed us to get information out to existing members and others about our club.  We hope to continue our club growth, and progressively improve our website by adding additional features and content.



I just wanted you to know that I called the computer girl that set up the network in our office.  I wanted to see if she had put a password on Bruce’s computer for “Content Advisor” security.  She hadn’t but did know how to correct it.  It had to do with the level of security that was set.  So I changed it to Med Low and all is fine now.

I also wanted to tell you and all the other people/technicians that work(ing) with your organization are so unreal when it comes to service, courtesy to the client, knowledge, etc.  It’s so rare these days to find people, let alone a whole company that is geared up to serve their clientele with such a perspective.  It’s an old one, but it was your kind of attitude that gave companies longevity way back when.  I know that the world is changing, but this is one person that really appreciates your going the extra mile.

You guys are great. YOU are great!
Thanks again,