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Castles provides 24 x 7 live technical support from a call center located in Utah. Technicians answer your toll-free phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including holidays. We share this call center with a number of other independent ISPs in the United States

Toll Free 1-877-205-5246



Your service is important to us, really important. As soon as we’re aware of a major issue the Support Center Supervisor is contacted to let him/her know of the issue and when it will be resolved, if we know. Typically, a voice message will  immediately be recorded to let the customer calling in know about the existing issue.

If things are hectic and a major problem has occurred with any of the partner iSPs, then the call center may get overwhelmed. In those cases you will have the opportunity to leave your phone number for a call back. If there’s ever an issue you can feel free to contact our office and let know you had an issue with the support system.


Castles is a small Internet Services Provider and take care of all invoicing and customer service relative to billing in house. You may contact billing at the Castles office number (707-455-3401) and leave a message any time. Due to staffing, the billing department typically is open between 3 and 5 pm weekdays. Feel free to call and leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible.

Castles accepts check, debit and credit card payments for services. There is no charge for paying by either method. Invoices are emailed to customers. A small fee is charged for those requiring a hard copy invoiced to be mailed. Customers paying by credit and debit card may elect to have Castles record their information and charge their card on a specific recurring basis or elect to pay online when receiving the invoice by clicking on the secure payment button.

Credit Card Information. NEVER leave your credit card information in a voice message at Castles or anyplace else. NEVER put that information in an email.

PCI Compliance – You will often see a note on the email attached to your invoice that asked you to complete the Credit Card Authorization Form is you have not complete one. Authorized credit/debit card processing requires a company comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. That simply means that for Castles to securely hold your information and charge your card on a recurring basis, we must have your written permission. If a customer cannot or will not complete the form, they must either pay by check or online payment.


Castles Pricing is on our Prices Page


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