Castles Business Class Email

Reliable email hosting services with 99.99% uptime.
Webmail, IMAP, or POP email with integrated security, virus scanning, and spam filtering.

Rich Web Mail

The Web Mail Rich Text Editor (RTE) enables you to compose and reply to email with messages styled using formatting tools similar to those found in most modern word processors.

Online Storage

Securely upload and share files of any type including documents, photos and file size-intensive videos. Easily send files to others through “link sharing.”

Email Archiving

A simple and intuitive solution for email account backup, storage, retrieval and recovery.

Automatically store and retrieve email data for all mailboxes. Recover deleted emails, access email of an employee that is no longer with the company, or retrieve an email for use in a legal discovery process.


Castles Information Network is an ISP (Internet Service Provided), in business since 1985. Over time we’ve discovered that partnerships with specialized companies server our customers the best. These partnerships let us offer robust and reliable products and services letting us concentrate on the customer service end of the business. This keeps us focused on what’s important and at the same time lets us keep the cost of providing those services down. has been a strategic partner of Castles since 2003. That’s a very long time for a relationship in the world of technology. was established in 1998 and has been a leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) email and messaging, managing more than 6 billion message connections each month and over 300,000 domains worldwide.

The one_business family of products from delivers a secure environment to create, share and communicate. If your organization requires a business-grade email solution backed by expert technical support, look no further than one_business. The one_business hosted platform is Outlook-compatible and provides advanced features such as mobile syncing,  message archiving  and online file storage . All integrated and easy to use!

Castles provides the same business class email to both web hosting and Internet access customers.

Online Storage

one_storage creates a completely secure online account to upload and share any file type including documents, photos or videos directly. With just a standard web browser, files can be uploaded and easily shared with colleagues, vendors, partners, and clients.

Integrated online storage service.

one_storage is completely integrated with your hosted email service. An intuitive user interface saves email attachments directly to a user defined nested folder system. Document organization is quick and easy and simplifies locating, attaching and sending files.

Share files with others through “link sharing.”

Files up to 100MB in size are a snap to share with one_storage. Simply select the file(s) you would like to share, and click the “Send” button. An email will be sent to your designated recipient containing a link to download the file. Advanced features such as email confirmation receipts are also provided so that you can be notified when your file has been downloaded. With one_storage, you never again have to deal with sending cumbersome email attachments!

Anywhere access to your files.

Your one_storage documents are always available. All you need is an Internet connection and web browser to access critical information with ease. Increase performance and efficiency with this integrated, time saving hosted email service solution.

Secure online storage and access.

All files uploaded to one_storage are scanned for viruses. Access is secure and further enhanced when SSL is enabled by the email service administrator. Online storage has never been easier and now it can be done from a single solution. One vendor, one complete hosted email service solution.

Email Archiving

one_archive reduces the complexity of email storage and retrieval to achieve standard personal and business practices as well as assist with compliance requirements. Automatically store and retrieve email data quickly and easily from your control center saving valuable time and money.

All inbound and outbound email stored for anytime access.

Each mail, whether sent or received from any user, is saved for immediate retrieval. Email account Access is quick, easy and secure. Recover deleted emails, access email of an employee that is no longer with the company, or retrieve an email for use in a discovery process.

Powerful web-based access to your email archive.

one_archive is available anywhere you have a web browser. The advanced search filter makes it easy to find and recover emails based on key fields such as From, Subject, Date and more. Retrieve one or many email messages with a simple command saving time, money and resources.

Integrated with your email solution.

Email archiving and retrieval has never been easier and now it can be done from a single solution. Your email account  includes integrated access to one_archive, which makes it easy to use and reduces the overall complexity.