Castles Information Network Billing Policy

Billing address:
Castles Information Network
124 Donner Drive, Suite 4
Vacaville, CA 95687

Contact Numbers:
707-455-3401 Local Billing


 Castles Credit Card Authorization Form  – PDF Format

General Subscriber Information

Thank you for choosing Castles Information Network (Castles) as your Internet Service Provider. Our company was founded in 1993 and since then we have consistently earned the highest customer service ratings in Solano County. If you don’t receive quality customer service every time you contact us, please email us or give us a call. We value your opinion and want to be sure you’re always satisfied.

By signing up for any Castles services, you acknowledge that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older, and you agree that you have the legal authority to enter into this agreement and affirm that the information you supply to us is correct and complete.

Please understand that Castles relies on the information you supply and that providing incorrect information may result in delays of service, a lock on the account or termination of your account services.

Castles reserves the right to change policies, services, and pricing. Your continued use of an account signifies acceptance of any and all policies and policy or price changes. You may cancel if you do not agree with changes in policy, service, or pricing.

Castles reserves the right to refuse to provide service to anyone.

Account and Billing Information

Please help us serve you better by notifying us of any changes to your personal or billing information. To update your Contact & Billing Information please call us at 707-455-3401 or email

Updating Business Name or Billing Name: If you wish to change the listed owner of your account, please submit a written request signed by the current and new account holders. If it’s not possible for the listed owner to submit such a request, please call the Castles billing department and our representatives will be happy to assist in making the necessary arrangements. We will only make changes for the owner-of-record or those to whom the owner grants authority.

Payment/Renewal Options

Castles accepts checks, money orders, Master Card, VISA, and Discover credit cards as payment for your services.

Cash Payments: Castles no longer accepts cash payments.

Check Payments: Check payments can be made by mail. Please mail your check or money order to Castles Information Network, 124 Donner Drive, Suite 4, Vacaville, CA 95687.

Returned Checks: A twenty five ($25.00) service fee will be applied to the current balance due on all returned checks. Any bounced checks must be replaced with a cashiers check or money order.

Credit Card Payments: Credit card payments can be made over the phone or online. An automatic billing feature is available for your convenience. Please note if you choose to pay by credit card and choose auto-billing, your payment will automatically be processed approximately 5 days before your payment is due. We can also email your invoice and enable the online payment option for secure payment.

Credit Card Failures/Declines: If for any reason your credit card renewal is not processed you will be notified via email. If the payment is returned as declined, expired, or invalid, Castles asks that you please call and verify your credit card information so that we can process your transaction.

New Credit Cards or Updated Expiration: If you receive a new credit card number or an updated expiration date please call us at least 5 days before your next due date to update your credit card information for the next renewal.

Accounts with credit cards rejected will be charged a $1.50 service charge to cover the credit card processing fee for the rejected transaction.

Disputes/Charge Backs: Castles encourages you to call our Billing Department if you have any questions regarding your invoices or your bank credit card statement.

If you wish to dispute any charges that Castles has made to your credit card, please notify Castles within 30 days of the original posting date of the transaction. If you dispute charges directly with your bank and your dispute results in a credit card charge-back to Castles, you will be charged a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) service fee. You will be responsible for any non-disputed charges beyond thirty (30) days.


All invoicing is done via email to your email address on file. If you would like to request a different email address email or call our Billing department.

We also offer postal invoices for your account. Postal invoices are sent approximately 20 days before your due date. There is an additional charge of $1.25 (one dollar and twenty five cents) per month for postal invoicing.

Check Payments: When paying by check you will receive an email invoice. The invoice will be transmitted 10-20 days before your due date. The invoice identifies the due date, the amount due and the address to send payments to.

Billing Cycle

Core account services are billed monthly unless you have selected another billing time interval such as quarterly. semi-annual or annual. All Castles services are prepaid. Payments are credited from the account due date, not from the date the payment is received.
  Grace Period/Late Fee: A grace period of five days from the due date is given for most accounts.  After five days without payment, we will send you another invoice via email.  The new invoice will also include a late fee of 1.5% of the current balance due in addition to the original renewal amount. Late fees are posted each month the account is overdue. The late fee must be paid with the current invoice due. To prevent late fees, please sign up for Automatic Credit card billing.

Overdue Accounts

  • 5 days overdue: If your account is overdue past 5 days, you will be sent an invoice reminder via email. This invoice will include all past due charges as well as a late fee of $5.
  • 30 days overdue: If your account is delinquent for more than 30 days it will be disabled, and your account will incur a second late fee of an additional $5. While your account is disabled you will be unable to access the Internet or your email. If your account is disabled please call us at 707-455-3401 to pay by credit card or send in a check payment. Once we receive your payment in full, your account will be automatically re-enabled.
  • 35 days overdue (DSL customers only): If your account is more than 35 days overdue and you have DSL service you will receive a DSL disconnect notice. Your DSL service will be automatically disconnected on the 40th day of being overdue if payment is not received. Please call us before the 40th day and make a full payment to your account in order to prevent DSL disconnection! Any DSL early termination fees applicable at the time of disconnection will be included in your final balance.
  • DSL Disconnect: Because Castles uses the AT&T virtual circuit system to provide Castles DSL service to your location, beginning July 1, 2020, no new circuits may be added to that system. Therefore, any disconnect will mean final termination of the DSL service.
  • 40 days overdue: If your account is more than 40 days overdue, we will send you a Final Statement to close out your account, which will be due within 30 days from the Statement date.

Collection Fees

For any delinquent accounts that are sent to an outside collections agency, you will incur a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) processing fee in addition to any other service charges and late fees you have already incurred. You will be responsible for all collection costs, including reasonable attorney fees.

Cancellation and refunds

Unfortunately we are not able to suspend accounts or place accounts “on hold.” If you will be unable to use your account for an extended period of time, you should cancel the account and reinstate it at a later date. This includes users whose equipment is down for repair or is otherwise unusable for the purpose of connecting to Castles. DSL accounts as of July 1, 2020 can no longer be reinstated after termination.

Castles does not monitor the usage of your service. Absence of activity will not result in termination of your account by Castles, and no refunds will be given based on the absence of activity. If you fail to notify us of your intention to cancel you will be responsible for all access fees until the date of account termination regardless of whether you used the service (see overdue accounts.)

For your protection, cancellation of your account must be done by phone, email or by postal mail. Written requests must contain your Account Name, the current date and your reason for cancellation. Only the primary account holder can cancel an account.

You may request that your account cancellation take place either on the day of your request or at the end of your current paid billing interval (this may not apply to DSL.)  Castles will not issue any pro-rated refunds for any prepaid or unused time.

Accounts will only be canceled in full when the balance on the account is zero dollars ($0.00).

Be sure to retrieve any information you want to keep- email, web pages, files in your web, FTP and home directories, etc. – and save it separately from your account before you cancel. Upon cancellation, all user data will be eliminated.

DSL Cancellations: DSL cancellations take an additional 3-5 business days to process after we are notified. You will be responsible for fees incurred during this period.

DSL Service Policies

The following terms apply to all customers with DSL service.

By ordering DSL service, you agree to be bound by Castles’ promotional terms, AUP and billing policy.

Promotional pricing is only available to new customers and new DSL circuits and only one promotional discount is allowed per household. Any applicable taxes, telecommunications surcharges or other governmental charges are the customer’s sole responsibility.

AT&T Phone Lines

You must maintain AT&T telephone service in continuous working order in order to maintain the DSL circuit. Any action taken by you or the phone company resulting in telephone service being disconnected or moved will result in loss of the DSL service. Introductory pricing applies only to the level of service of the original DSL order. Any change to the service level or any service disconnection or move voids the introductory rate and pricing immediately reverts to normal.

DSL Equipment

Castles does not provide DSL modems or wireless routers.

DSL Service Levels & Guarantees

Actual data transfer rates may vary as measured between NIC at your location and the DSL-equipped Central Office or Remote Terminal, -depending upon several factors including line quality and loop length. Minimum service speeds are subject to 10%-20% protocol overhead. Actual transfer rates above 80% of the listed minimum transfer rate will be considered acceptable. Castles makes no guarantees regarding the availability of DSL until the service is established.

Castles will not be considered responsible for outages that we are not notified about by the account holder. Someone from your location must be available for troubleshooting and connection setup. You have the sole responsibility for any local network infrastructure at the installation premises.

DSL is a best-effort service. We will do our best to ensure that the service remains functional at all times. However, DSL circuit uptime is not guaranteed and the DSL contract terms do not include a provision for credit for down time. If you need a connection that includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines procedures and credits for down time, please contact us about services that may be available to you such as T1, dedicated lines, etc.

Web Hosting and Domain Name Payment Policies

All domain registration and hosting accounts are on a prepaid basis. Setup fees charged and prepayments are normally non refundable. Castles reserves the right to change prices and/or policies at any time. Any account not brought current within a week of being notified by email, U.S. Postal Mail or by phone is subject to suspension or termination.

The customer of record is responsible for all money owed on the account from the time it was established to the time the customer notifies Castles in writing to terminate services. All payments are to be in U.S. currency.

Non payment for web design services will also be reason for suspension of hosting accounts. Balances not paid within 10 days of being due may result in the suspension of hosting services. Payments received after the 10th day may incur a late fee. A reactivation fee will apply to each account suspended and all balances for both hosting and design must be paid in full prior to reactivation of any account.

All domains, data, web site files, images,scripts and email associated with the account become the property of Castles and will be held as security until all unpaid accounts are paid current.